Articles on risk management, auditing and management reviews, corporate management, finance, project management, team building, business continuity, and crisis management for a leading Malaysian English newspaper The New Straits Times (in the Appointment column either Wednesday or Saturday) for the past 8 years (since 1996) are as follows:

First Last
TopicNewsPaperDate & Time
Control as a management tool.The New Straits Times17/08/1996
Different EventTypes of control.The New Straits Times21/08/1996
Corporate fraud.The New Straits Times05/10/1996
Keeping fraud in check.The New Straits Times09/10/1996
Towards corporate governance.The New Straits Times06/11/1996
Nurturing corporate governance.The New Straits Times09/11/1996
Changing role of internal auditing. The New Straits Times14/12/1996
The ABC of internal auditing.The New Straits Times18/12/1996
What price quality ?The New Straits Times29/01/1997
Elements of corporate culture.The New Straits Times15/02/1997
Effects of corporate culture.The New Straits Times19/02/1997
Ethics: foundation of strong organization.The New Straits Times24/04/1997
The need for a vision & mission statement.The New Straits Times30/04/1997
Reasons for a corporate vision.The New Straits Times03/05/1997
Some conflict beneficial to society.The New Straits Times11/06/1997
Six factors in conflict management.The New Straits Times14/06/1997
The ABCs of leadership attributes.The New Straits Times20/08/1997
The art of effective supervising.The New Straits Times20/08/1997
Effective supervisors are informed, aware and responsive.The New Straits Times24/09/1997
Loyal workers boon to business.The New Straits Times04/10/1997
Tips to retain employees’ loyalty.The New Straits Times08/10/1997
Audit committee ensures transparency.The New Straits Times01/11/1997
…do…The New Straits Times05/11/1997
Importance of business ethics.The New Straits Times17/12/1997
Right commitment to corporate ethics.The New Straits Times20/12/1997
Management-oriented auditing.The New Straits Times31/12/1997
Management-centered internal auditing.The New Straits Times07/01/1998
Team work key to success.The New Straits Times04/03/1998
Essence of project managing.The New Straits Times14/03/1998
Bank Negara’s move set to boost investor confidence.Business Times02/04/1998
Our banking system looks ahead.The New Straits Times11/04/1998
Future of banking in Malaysia.The New Straits Times15/04/1998
Dynamics of lending by banks.The New Straits Times02/05/1998
The 6Cs of credit evaluation.The New Straits Times24/06/1998
Management through delegation.The New Straits Times19/08/1998
Delegation and responsibility.The New Straits Times22/08/1998
Tips for successful delegation.The New Straits Times26/08/1998
Towards good risk management.The New Straits Times23/09/1998
Coming to terms with risk taking.The New Straits Times26/09/1998
Risks that require attention.The New Straits Times03/10/1998
Empowerment brings results.The New Straits Times21/10/1998
Empower frontline employees.The New Straits Times24/10/1998
Combating the fraud menace.The New Straits Times11/11/1998
Authorities on the look-out for money laundering.The New Straits Times14/11/1998
Managing banking risks.The New Straits Times02/12/1998
Security options for companies.The New Straits Times23/12/1998
Systems to ensure security.The New Straits Times26/12/1998
Organizational goals and effectiveness.The New Straits Times23/01/1999
What organizational goals do.The New Straits Times30/01/1999
The concept of managing people.The New Straits Times27/03/1999
Effective employee motivation.The New Straits Times03/04/1999
Minefields to avoid in managing.The New Straits Times10/04/1999
The dynamics of motivation.The New Straits Times10/07/1999
Employee-motivation strategies.The New Straits Times17/07/1999
Fulfilling generic human desires.The New Straits Times24/07/1999
Motivating by fulfilling needs.The New Straits Times31/07/1999
Enhancing managerial effectiveness.The New Straits Times04/09/1999
Effectiveness via improving systems.The New Straits Times11/09/1999
Set goals to plan your success.The New Straits Times15/04/2000
Everyone's business-hype.The New Straits Times17/06/2000
The quality-leadership influence.The New Straits Times24/06/2000
Pursuing kaizen for quality.The New Straits Times05/08/2000
Footprints of a business-manager.The New Straits Times23/09/2000
Successful footsteps to follow.The New Straits Times30/09/2000
Ensuring customer satisfaction.The New Straits Times04/11/2000
Creativity and quality.The New Straits Times11/11/2000
A good way to run a business.The New Straits Times16/12/2000
Set goals to plan your success.The New Straits Times15/04/2000
Putting business in writing.The New Straits Times06/01/2001
Business operational plan.The New Straits Times06/01/2001
Breeding office harmony.The New Straits Times13/01/2001
Reports as management tool.The New Straits Times17/03/2001
Positive organizational culture.The New Straits Times14/04/2001
Records facilitate management.The New Straits Times21/04/2001
Of mission statement, vision, synergy and organization's raison d'être.The New Straits Times28/04/2001
That four-letter word 'RISK'The New Straits Times12/05/2001
Adjust for workplace harmony.The New Straits Times16/06/2001
Factors influencing performance.The New Straits Times01/09/2001
Managing risk ensures quality.The New Straits Times03/11/2001
Using ratio to manage productivity.The New Straits Times05/01/2002
Much ado about nothing style.The New Straits Times12/01/2002
Understanding financial tools.The New Straits Times26/01/2002
Effective crisis communication.The New Straits Times24/02/2002
Disaster and crisis management.The New Straits Times23/03/2002
Effective crisis management.The New Straits Times20/04/2002
Managing organizational risks.The New Straits Times11/05/2002
Capital sources for entrepreneurs.The New Straits Times08/06/2002
Sources of capital for businesses.The New Straits Times15/06/2002
Evaluating yourself for excellence.The New Straits Times21/09/2002
Assertiveness and firmness.The New Straits Times26/10/2002
Learning to motivate oneself.The New Straits Times23/11/2002
Ensuring business continuity.The New Straits Times18/01/2003
Business continuity planning.The New Straits Times29/03/2003
Business survival and recovery.The New Straits Times05/04/2003
Fraud threats in organizations.The New Straits Times17/05/2003
For employment continuity.The New Straits Times24/05/2003
Total operational resilience.The New Straits Times28/06/2003
Contracts for directors to fulfill.The New Straits Times16/08/2003
BCP as a crisis management tool.The New Straits Times20/09/2003
Initiatives for organization’s BCP.The New Straits Times28/09/2003
Managing risks in business.The New Straits Times15/11/2003
Into organizational politics.The New Straits Times13/12/2003
Dealing with corporate politics.The New Straits Times20/12/2003
Emotional intelligence.The New Straits Times31/01/2004
Optimizing emotional intelligence.The New Straits Times07/01/2004
Improving emotional intelligence.The New Straits Times14/02/2004
Conducting effective meetings.The New Straits Times27/03/2004
Making meetings more effective.The New Straits Times03/04/2004
Achieving ‘buy-ins’ at meetings.The New Straits Times10/04/2004
Strategy for quality service (Part 1).The New Straits Times22/05/2004
Strategy for quality service (Part 2).The New Straits Times29/05/2004
Managing service performance.The New Straits Times05/06/2004
Strategy for quality service (Part 3).The New Straits Times11/06/2004
Importance of preparing reports.The New Straits Times17/07/2004
The power of effective reports.The New Straits Times24/07/2004
Different mindsets for effective change.The New Straits Times25/09/2004
Making change swiftly and smoothly.The New Straits Times16/10/2004
Towards successful change management.The New Straits Times23/10/2004
Managing security risks in organisations.The New Straits Times30/10/2004
How to manage risk.The New Straits Times01/01/2005
Risk in banking management.The New Straits Times22/01/2005
Corporate governance.The New Straits Times15/02/2005
Globalisation and corporate governance.The New Straits Times26/02/2005
Keep your motivation burning.The New Straits Times26/03/2005
Cornerstones for risk management.The New Straits Times23/04/2005
Operational risk fundamentals.The New Straits Times30/04/2005
Instilling pride in one’s work. The New Straits Times14/05/2005
Instilling pride in people’s work.The New Straits Times21/05/2005
Understanding class action.The New Straits Times25/06/2005
Addressing reputation risks.The New Straits Times02/07/2005
Understanding people’s behaviours.The New Straits Times10/09/2005
Leadership to support biz growth.The New Straits Times01/10/2005
Leadership in sustainable business.The New Straits Times08/10/2005
Overcoming emotional tension.The New Straits Times15/10/2005
Preparing for the impact of risks.The New Straits Times22/10/2005
More on risk management.The New Straits Times29/10/2005
Managing with positive attitudes.The New Straits Times19/11/2005
Measuring intangible risks.The New Straits Times03/12/2005
Of caps, triggers and thresholds.The New Straits Times10/12/2005
Addressing corporate core values.The New Straits Times17/12/2005
Corporate core values.The New Straits Times24/12/2005
In union with risk.The New Straits Times03/01/2006
Being passionate about risks.The New Straits Times07/01/2006
Being in union with risk.The New Straits Times14/01/2006
Managing sales and marketing.The New Straits Times21/01/2006
Sales and marketing strategies.The New Straits Times28/01/2006
Marketing strategies.The New Straits Times04/02/2006
The hype in money laundering. The New Straits Times25/02/2006
Anti-money laundering compliance. The New Straits Times04/03/2006
Dynamics of anti-money laundering.The New Straits Times11/03/2006
Anti-money laundering dynamics.The New Straits Times18/03/2006
Managing organizational drivers. The New Straits Times29/04/2006
Organisational drivers for success.The New Straits Times06/05/2006
The obvious sides of money.The New Straits Times10/06/2006
Pros and cons of money.The New Straits Times17/06/2006
Managing restructuring exercises.The New Straits Times22/07/2006
Risk s in company restructuring.The New Straits Times29/07/2006
Balancing efficiency and effectiveness.The New Straits Times17/08/2006
Tips for personal career and success.The New Straits Times17/08/2006
Links between risk and reputation.The New Straits Times02/09/2006
Managing uncertainty.The New Straits Times23/09/2006
Managing unknown risks.The New Straits Times07/10/2006
Mitigants in various risk domains.The New Straits Times14/10/2006
Shortcomings of risk mitigants.The New Straits Times29/10/2006
Implementing good risk management.The New Straits Times04/11/2006
Adopting customer-centred culture/Client input key to business success.The New Straits Times25/11/2006
Basis for souvereign risks.The New Straits Times23/12/2006
Souvereign risk for business decision.The New Straits Times06/01/2007
Mapping client-focus processes.The New Straits Times27/01/2007
Developing customer-centric culture.The New Straits Times03/01/2007
Tools you need to stay ahead.The New Straits Times17/02/2007
Strategies to stay ahead.The New Straits Times24/02/2007
Elements for successful managementThe New Straits Times03/03/2007
Meeting biz targets by managing risks.The New Straits Times10/03/2007
Leadership by example.The New Straits Times17/03/2007
Know employees for effective HR.The New Straits Times24/03/2007
Minimising ‘people risk’.The New Straits Times31/03/2007
Keeping an eye on employees.The New Straits Times07/04/2007
Setting up a business.The New Straits Times14/04/2007
Take precautions before investing.The New Straits Times21/04/2007
Three EventTypes of business entities.The New Straits Times28/04/2007
Starting a business.The New Straits Times05/05/2007
Risks in reputation loss.The New Straits Times12/05/2007
Dynamics around reputation risks.The New Straits Times19/05/2007
Considerations when starting business.The New Straits Times26/05/2007
Success begins by setting goals.The New Straits Times02/06/2007
Setting ideal goals to attain success.The New Straits Times09/06/2007
Combating the fraud menace.The New Straits Times16/06/2007
Correct way to handle fraud.The New Straits Times23/06/2007
Making sense of corporate culture.The New Straits Times30/06/2007
Boosting corporate ethical climate.The New Straits Times07/07/2007
Control as a management tool.The New Straits Times14/07/2007
Recognising control system.The New Straits Times21/07/2007
Keeping fraud in check.The New Straits Times28/07/2007
Making it difficicult to commit fraud.The New Straits Times04/08/2007
Understanding corporate fraud.The New Straits Times11/08/2007